My BEACHBORN Skin Care Routine

02 October 2019

It's probably the combination of late nights in the office, unhealthy choices, the changing of the weather, and skin care fatigue, but my skin has been looking dull lately and I've even started seeing tiny bumps on my forehead and cheeks. I remembered BEACHBORN Witch Hazel Wash working so well for me in the past so I contacted my friend Sarah to order a bottle and then some. What do you know, she lovingly sent me a box filled with my BEACHBORN skin care favorites and even some new goodies to try.

I spy with my little eye my favorite BEACHBORN Witch Hazel Wash and Healing Toner!
Full disclosure: the brand's founder Sarah and I have been friends since the early days of my blog. I first learned about her dreams for BEACHBORN shortly after she launched their first product, the Sea Salt Spray, during a work trip in Boracay four years ago. I am SO PROUD of her because in that short span of time, Sarah was able to grow her brand exponentially and I am excited to see it grow more!

Here's a rundown of the contents of the box and quick reviews.

BEACHBORN Witch Hazel Wash
A soothing non-soap cleanser that effectively removes dirt, excess oil and impurities without drying skin.
Crafted with Pure Witch Hazel which has been proven to shrink pores, control acne, reduce inflammations, prevent ingrown hairs, soothe hemorrhoids and heal rashes.
Two pumps of the BEACHBORN Witch Hazel Wash
I already lost track of how many bottles of this I have gone through so it's a good thing they now offer a 250 mL refill variant of this! It cleanses my skin without leaving it dry, and you can also use it as a feminine wash! No need to lug a separate bottle when traveling!

BEACHBORN Healing Toner
This clarifying toner fights off acne, shrinks pores, moisturizes, firms skin and gets rid of impurities for an over-all healthy glow!
I spray it on my face after cleansing then use a facial cotton pad. It can also be used as a facial mist to refresh throughout the day but I haven't used it for that function yet. I should get a smaller bottle so it's more handy. My Mom also likes using this!

BEACHBORN Witch Hazel Extract
A potent extract that has the ability to dry up pimples overnight! An ancient native American remedy that's a must have in every modern home.
Effective spot treatment for acne and clogged hair follicles. Soothes swollen veins, bites, rashes, as well as minor cuts and bruises.
Apply as an after shave or post treatment for hot wax hair removal to relieve skin inflammation.
It was my first time to use this the other night and OMG THIS IS A MIRACLE PRODUCT! I am kicking myself because I don't have before and after photos but I put a couple of drops of this on a zit at the side of my face and some insect bites on my arms and they were COMPLETELY GONE the next day! I swear by this product and have started recommending this to my friends and officemates!

BEACHBORN Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin B5 Serum
Experience softer, smoother + dewy skin within minutes of applying this miracle serum. HA can absorb up to 1000x its weight in water but we decided to add some vitamin B5 to our formula to boost hydration even more!
I apply this on my face and neck after cleansing and toning. I like that it's not too runny nor thick unlike the Vitamin C serum I tried before. It gets absorbed by my skin easily and it doesn't feel greasy at all!

BEACHBORN Balancing Anti-Blemish Face Cream
An instant glow isn't impossible with the latest addition to our witch hazel skincare line. Notice the difference immediately as you slather on this luxurious cream made with organic matcha to brighten and even out skin tone, witch hazel to tighten pores and control acne, rose water to reduce oil production and revitalise skin.
Our special lightweight formula melts like magic when applied to the skin leaving a youthful, dewy glow.
I am not a huge fan of green tea scent in general but this one is just right. I apply this after the serum is completely absorbed by my skin, and I like that it doesn't feel oily nor greasy.

One pump each of the Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin B5 Serum and Balancing Anti-Blemish Face Cream
BEACHBORN Pink Clay Mask
A purifying and detoxifying mask that works deep within the pores to remove dirt, toxins and excess oil.
Has a mildly cooling effect upon application.
Instantly brightens complexion! Also tightens pores, evens out discoloration and controls excess sebum with continued use.
I may be biased because of the color but I love this! It's not too harsh for my skin and is not too difficult to rinse out unlike other clay masks. It's the perfect treat to cap off a long and busy day.

Me with the Pink Clay Mask on
Immediately after rinsing out the mask
The morning after
It has only been less than a week since I changed my skin care routine but my skin feels soft and looks youthful again, without the nasty bumps! I am so glad to find a new routine that works, and I'm also happy to support a brand that is locally made, all-natural, cruelty-free, with no parabens nor artificial fragrance!

Sarah said she has more products in the pipeline and I am looking forward to testing them out as well!

Visit BEACHBORN on their official website and check them out on Facebook and Instagram. You can also purchase their products from their kiosk at the 5th level of Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall.

Disclosure: My friend Sarah who owns the brand gave me these products as a gift but I was not required to nor compensated for this post. Read my blog's complete Disclosure Policy here.

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