My Ellana Minerals Warehouse Sale Haul

24 August 2019

It's a rainy Saturday afternoon and I'm taking a break from resting by reading my old blog posts.
2009 me: Rest assured though that I will not hoard makeup products since I do not have any plans to become a professional makeup artist at all. 
2019 me: Welp 
It is timely that I should come across this now seeing as how I broke a supposed two month makeup-buying ban barely three weeks into it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ELLANA MINERALS WAREHOUSE SALE MADE ME DO IT! On a related note, that 2009 blog post also chronicles the first time I tried and purchased makeup from Ellana Minerals.

Ellana Minerals is my favorite local makeup brand and I will recommend their products to everyone who would listen. I love everything I have tried from them and the fact that their products are skincare and makeup in one, and I even got to be a face on their old website representing the shade Café Mocha!

Rainy Friday night + Makati = traffic and extra challenge in booking a Grab but I persisted and here is my haul:

I missed out on the brushes (we were told stocks ran out on the first morning of the sale!) but I am so glad I got to restock my favorites, buy backups, and even purchase some items that are no longer being sold online!

Here's a closer look at the products I got:

Ellana Loose Mineral Foundation in Café Mocha to refill my big Mirror Glass Jar
Ellana Sheer Velvet Matte Powder and small Mirror Glass Jar to house it in
Ellana Makeup Brush Cleaner for spot-cleaning my brushes
Ellana Multipurpose Loose Powders in Caress, Crush, Sensational, and Shine
I'm planning to mix a little Sensational on my Sheer Velvet Powder
I hit the pan on my Ellana Pressed Mineral Foundation in Café Mocha a long time ago and haven't gotten the chance to restock until now
Ellana Pressed Multipurpose Powders
Light Roast - a matte cool brown shade that may be used as a contour powder for cheeks and nose, eyeshadow
Butter Rum - an iridescent gold satin shade that may be used as a highlighter for cheeks, nose, and eyeshadow
Flirtation - a matte strawberry pink that may be used as a blush and eyeshadow
Peach Passion - a warm earthy peach shimmer that may be used as a blush, highlighter for cheeks and nose, eyeshadow
I already have two Gaia Magnetic Palettes to house my Lip Drunk Blushes but I had to get my third one for this:

It looks so neat and pretty yet completely practical!

I got all these for only a litte over Php2,200! My face and wallet are so happy with beauty that does more, hee. The Ellana Minerals Warehouse Sale is happening until 9 PM tomorrow so if you have the chance, go visit their HQ at 3400 Gen Lim, corner Rodiguez Ave., Bangkal, Makati.

Special bonus when you visit: Ellana Minerals HQ is home to several adopted kitties so you may also see this super adorable cat!
Ellana also regularly holds special promotions so make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

Now I'll be back to enjoying the rest of my long weekend. I hope you have a restful one!

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