My customized Innisfree My Palette

15 April 2019

One of my boyfriend J's birthday gifts to me this year is the opportunity to go crazy with colors my own Innisfree My Palette that I filled with pans of my choice. It was so difficult to choose because the colors are all so pretty!! During our trip to the Lion City we went to four different Innisfree stores in Singapore (Bugis Junction, Plaza Singapura, Vivo City, Jurong Point) and ultimately came up with these:

Medium Innisfree My Palette in gold suede | Two My Eyeshadows (Matte) in 1 and 34 | Two My Eyeshadows (Glitter) in 16 and 33 | One My Highlighter (Cream) in 1 | One My Lip and Cheek (Airy) in 2
Innisfree released a total of 100 My Eyeshadow (40 matte, 20 glitter, and 40 shimmer), 22 My Blusher (17 powder and five cream), three My Highlighter (one cream and two powder), four My Contour, five My Eyebrow, three My Concealer, three My Corrector, and a My Eyeshadow eye primer, while the palettes to put the components in come in three sizes and different designs. They even come up with limited edition cases. Holy freaking endless possible combinations! Now can you see how tempting it is to keep on building new palettes?

I thought long and hard for a possible theme for my first My Palette. Do I go with deviant and outrageous colors? Pink and plum, prim, and proper? Bold and smokey? In the end I chose to go with peach and coral shades; neutral enough for everyday wear but ante can be upped for dressier lewks. I also find the colors flattering for me, and of course since it's a gift from the boyf I'd want it to be something I can use a lot.

My Palette of choice is the Medium My Palette in gold suede. Classy. It has two compartments that can fit eight small pans OR four big pans OR four small pans and two small pans. It also came with two mini brushes.

Those black squares are thin magnetic sheets that hold the pans in place.

I was worried about destroying the pans when I transfer them but I didn't need to worry because it was so easy! Here are photos I took when I transferred the cream My Highlighter.

I used my nail to pop it out and it easily slid off the original container, no brute force needed! They're also very secured in My Palette and I don't think they will slide off easily thanks to the magnetic sheets.

Here is my customized My Palette:

AHHHHHHH SO PRETTY!!!!! *abundance of heart eyes emojis*

To be honest I wasn't counting too much on the quality of these because I have had not-so-good experience with Korean eyeshadows in the past. But as evidenced by the Althea Eye Palette, their makeup products have improved so much. These colors are all buttery, easy to blend, and very pigmented. Pretty affordable, too! The medium case costs SGD 13, the eyeshadows cost SGD 8 each, the highlighting cream SGD 11, and lip and cheek SGD 12. (J paid for the case and four eyeshadows.)

I swatched the colors for you.

My Eyeshadows (Matte) in 1 and 34 | My Eyeshadows (Glitter) in 16 and 33
With flash:
My Eyeshadows (Matte) in 1 and 34 | My Eyeshadows (Glitter) in 16 and 33
Full disclosure: I was supposed to get the My Primer pan instead of M1 but somehow I ended up with this. I should have double checked before bringing my picks to the counter but it was a long day and I was too excited to watch Shazam! LOL. I am still hoping to get My Primer (probably from their Philippine stores as I am back in Manila). No complaints about the other colors because they're all so pretty, pigmented, and easy to work with.

My Highlighter (Cream) in 1 | My Lip and Cheek (Airy) in 2
With flash:
My Highlighter (Cream) in 1 | My Lip and Cheek (Airy) in 2
I have an expansive makeup collection but I don't have these colors yet. I think it'll also be my first time to use a highlighter in this cream form. The colors are pigmented on first swipe so these have to be applied with a gentle hand.

My only gripe is how I now have six plastic containers that these shades originally came with. I wish there is a way to purchase new colors without the individual plastic cases, but I understand they're needed for hygienic purposes. I guess I'll just have to find a way to repurpose them.

All in all I am very pleased with my customized Innisfree My Palette! As I said, it can get pretty addicting because of how easy it is. Special mention to my boyfriend J for being extra patient for all those Innisfree visits to swatch and test and purchase, hihi. I will make sure to hit the pan on these shades first before I make a new one.

I am so excited!

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