Krissyfied Makes cards with the Sizzix Big Shot

20 April 2019

I recently turned 33, and because my favorite person to spoil is myself, I got myself a Sizzix Big Shot as birthday gift!

I am pleased as punch with this gift, I am not even going to talk about how many hours I spent obsessing over whether I should get this or the Cricut Cuttlebug or the super pretty pink-colored limited edition Sizzix Big Shot Plus.

I spent a long time looking for blog reviews about the Sizzix Big Shot but couldn't find any locally, so if there's anyone from the Philippines who is looking for a Sizzix Sister, here ya go. :) 

As the box says, the Sizzix Big Shot is a manual shape-cutting and embossing machine. Yay! Another hobby to dip my hands into! Well, I've actually liked scrapbooking and cardmaking, but this takes these to another level. Perfect shapes and cut-outs, y'all!

To be honest though I tried to prolong using this as much as I could because, I don't know, what if I end up not liking it and it'll be another waste of money and time and effort? I was better off doing all these fancy craft projects in my head, but the metal cutting dies I ordered were calling to me.

Eventually I just gave in and opened the box. Thank heavens for Holy Week break.

Assembling was pretty straightforward. I just had to install the handle and I was good to go.

The package includes two cutting pads, one thin die adapter, and one standard platform---pretty much everything you need to start die-cutting and embossing right off the bat if you have dies and embossing folders. These are sold separately but the seller was nice enough to include two free metal cutting dies as freebies. I have also ordered a bunch of these and paper beforehand.

I have had this idea of changing the cards for Krissyfied Makes for a while now and this mason jar die looks perfect.

TA-DA! You're looking at the new Krissyfied Makes card backings! I used watercolor paper for this project and I can't wait to tell people why.

I am debuting them at the April Feels Day 2019 event happening next Saturday, April 27, at the LOFT Ortigas. If you love romance, happy endings, and feeling fuzzy all over, you should definitely drop by! Click here for the details.

One night and my cutting pads are already looking worse for wear. This is perfectly normal though according to the hundreds of Youtube tutorials I have watched, although I am already saving up for new back up cutting pads. See? That's how I know my Sizzix Big Shot will be with me for a long time. I already have a long line up of crafting projects for us and I am so very excited.

What a perfect birthday gift! Thanks, self. ♡ 

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