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06 July 2015

A blink and a sigh, and it's July.

I can barely believe it but welp, here it is. Before you know it the holidaze will be here again so maybe it's best to take advantage of all the end-of-season sales happening everywhere. Heh.

As for me, July was off to a great start. Last Thursday, Miah and I went to Newport Performing Arts Theater with my friends Ralph and Mike to see Bituing Walang Ningning: The Musical. We enjoyed it a lot thanks to the believable portrayals of the actors and their immense talent, although I found the script a little bit lacking. Still, going all the way to Resorts World Manila and going home late on a work-day was worth it especially during when Monica Cuenco as Dorina Pineda sang the title song for the first time. Mesmerizing. Huge thanks to Jom for the tickets!

Saturday was spent with Miah again and catching up with my favorite restaurant Bigoli my good friend Michelle in TriNoma. I used to not like going out on weekends because I prefer wasting time in front of my computer or painting or reading, but look at me now. Heh.

Most of the afternoon was spent being ignored in favor of his new toy - the Batman: Arkham Knight collectible. JK it wasn't like that at all. ( ⋂‿⋂’) 

Now I'm well-rested and ready to take on this (rather rainy) week. Here is this week's Currently.



I just finished (finally!!!) Alternative Alamat. Don't think it was the book's fault on why it took me so long, though. I just haven't been able to concentrate on reading these days so this one took me a long while. Thanks to Alternative Alamat, I am now Eliza Victoria's newest fan. Next book on my list is her A Bottle of Storm Clouds, in preparation for #StrangeLit.

My entry to Activity 1 for #StrangeLit and an rough outline of what I would like the story to be about.

Grand Romantic by Nate Ruess. I will never get tired of this album. Here's my current favorite song:

Of all the books I'd like to buy if only I have unlimited funds.

Sleepy. Okay I have to finish this soon.

New beginnings.

This, this, this, and THIS. Basically everything that Fully Booked posts.

Days to slow down a little bit. We're not in a hurry, days.

That it won't rain hard anymore. Typhoon Egay is still in the country and there's another one coming, and we have an event on Thursday. Crazy.

Oh, I just made up with my guy. All is well in the world again.

Can you believe it's July?? Gosh! I hope you stay safe, warm, and dry, my friends! ♥


  1. nice matchy matchy outfit. <3
    wait, did they still deliver the copycat line of cherie gil? i heard she doesn't want it to be used?

  2. HOLY crap half the year. Poof. Ughhhh...

    I love the song. It's very upbeat and cute and adorable :)

  3. I hope it stops raining soon! I wanna go out this weekend! XD

    I hate the typhoon season. :/


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