Tick tock tick tock

05 April 2009

My Friendster profile
which displays my age as 22
but not for long

This is my last blog post as a 22 years young lady. In two minutes I turn 23. I am leaving the Dark Age behind, referred to as such because of the "Bella in New Moon-state" I was in for a good part of the past year. I am just so happy I am over that now. So I am now bidding 22 years old Krissy a cheerful adieu and am now harking a spanking new beginning for my 23rd year, with pink glittering kisses and all.

Here's hoping the coming year will be a good one for me. Whoops. I know it will ♥♥



    And what better way to start a personal year than to make a list? So I tagged you: http://boredandcrafty.wordpress.com/2009/04/04/6-unimportant-things-that-make-me-happy/


  2. Thank you Myam, Andhari and Mel! Kisses!

    Myam, thanks for the tag! Will def answer it Ü


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