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09 September 2022

If you read the Harry Potter series, you may remember Amortentia, which in their lore is the most powerful love potion in the world. What I found interesting about it is that it is supposed to smell differently according to who sniffs it, depending on what they find attractive. I remember wondering what it would smell like for me, and I guess for me it would smell like a kitchen with freshly baked bread, old pages of books, and coffee.

What are your favorite scents? Scents have the power to transform our day in a snap, and there’s a whole science to back that up. Our sense of smell is connected to the same part of the brain that is also responsible for our perception, emotions, and memories. This is the reason why a simple whiff of jasmine can help lift our mood in an instant or send us back to a time spent with a special someone who may have used a similar scent in the past, whether it happened two or 20 years ago. At a time and in an environment where stressors are all around, it’s time for us to tap into the power of scents and make them part of our daily life.  

Danarra offers an array of relaxation essentials –Relaxentials, if you will--with fine, subtle, and unique fragrances.  Packaged in handy roll-on bottles, they are small enough to carry in your pocket or in a pouch along with your other self-care and beauty essentials. It's a spa-to-go!

Danarra’s scent selections are never overpowering so it’s perfectly convenient to use
anywhere. Bring with you the power of Danarra’s scents wherever, whenever with their six mood-lifting Relaxentials. 

  • Classic Mint. Nothing quite matches the soothing power of peppermint and eucalyptus on a tired day. Both these notes are infused in this classic fragrance that leaves you refreshed and relaxed with every application.

  • Lavender. Whether it’s a quick lunch nap at the office or catching up on sleep during the weekends, this scent will help summon those much-needed Zzzzzzzs.

  • Green Tea. From the commute to work, meeting deadlines at the office, to concentrating on that documentary on Netflix, we need focus to get things done. A dab of this scent pulls your attention to where it’s supposed to be.

  • Flowery Citrus. The power of these two notes in one fragrance is everything you’ll need for an optimistic day ahead.  Flowers and citrus are up there among the best mood-lifters, reminding you of sunshine and summer no end.

  • Young. When you’re young, you want to be everywhere. Keep your vibe fresh, and fun in any get together with friends with this scent. 

  • Sports. If you’re always outdoors and active, sweating it out in the gym or on the jogging track then this energizing and refreshing marine scent should be worn as often as your Fitbit or wrist pedometer. 

Check out Dannara Relaxentials on Facebook and on Instagram or choose your scent at Shopee and Lazada.

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