The start of my Sylvanian Families story

23 August 2022

J and I went with Chelsea to SM Aura and Market! Market! last Sunday so we could go out after being cooped up inside for so long. It was supposed to be a harmless visit since we were just accompanying her while she looks for shoes for a wedding that she'll be attending, but as unplanned things go, I ended up with new thing to obsess over.

I was feeling frustrated as I wanted to get something for myself as a little treat, but I couldn't find anything I liked enough. On our way back to the parking lot we dropped by Toy Town to check if they have Shadow High Dolls, and that's when we saw these babies: Sylvanian Families!

Chelsea had been collecting them while I had been wanting to start but I was intimidated by the price and sheer number of the sets that are already available, but upon checking I realized they were actually quite okay price-wise, and to be honest I might be better off getting them instead of Barbie sets!

I came home with these:

Sylvanian Families Darling Ducklings Baby Carriage that J bought for me

Sylvanian Families Day Trip Accessory Set
Perfect for the characters I have yet to get!

Sylvanian Families Hedgehog Family
SO CUTEEEE but I didn't want to keep all four so I split this set with Chelsea
We have an ongoing AU where the parent hedgehogs divorced and they had to split custody of the kids heehee

I am totally obsessed. We have visited several other stores also to check the sets they have available, and I also bought a new Kitchen Cookware Set just yesterday. I can't wait to buy a house and build my collection further! 

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