One year with Clozette PH

19 July 2022

I started working with Clozette PH one year ago today.

I have a very solid team, everyone goes along well, and everyone functions independently with minimal supervision. My heart is grateful.

As I shared on my previous blog post, I was recently promoted so as a reward to myself, I got a Nintendo Switch OLED to make my Animal Crossing: New Horizons experience even better.

Borrowing J's Switch OLED was not enough, I needed to have my own HAH. 

This is a great update to the Nintendo Switch Lite that J gave me for our fifth anniversary, but I am also keeping that one because it was a gift.

I have more time these days, but not a lot of time for blogging that I seriously considered not renewing the domain anymore. However, this domain has been with me through various milestones and life stages so letting it go will be a waste.

Hope to get more energy to update here. :)

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