My Christmas 2019 Wish List

02 December 2019

My annual tradition of posting my Christmas wish list on the first day of December comes a day late because I totally forgot. I didn't want to make one anymore as I don't get every thing on the lists I make anyway but my boyfriend asked me to make one so here it is, I guess. Heh.

I used to make very elaborate wish lists complete with a collage but ever since Polyvore folded I haven't been made aware of any good websites to make them with, so here's a simple accompanying photo.

  • Pat McGrath Lipsticks
I was supposed to purchase at least two tubes from Sephora's Black Friday sale so I can take advantage of the 15% discount and get a Sephora brush canister set as GWP but I just couldn't justify the Php 2,400 price tag of one tube, let alone two. BUT IT'S SO PRETTY! I have the Pat McGrath Mini MatteTrance Lipstick Trio in Colour Blitz and they have the best matte lipstick formula I have ever tried in my life. The packaging is also very luxurious. I just need a truly big win to justify gifting it to myself, or someone very generous to give it to me as a present. I pored over reviews all weekend and narrowed down my choices to the following: I want the BlitzTrance Lipsticks in Club Kiss, Lady Stardust, and Blood Rush, LuxeTrance Lipsticks in Beauty Junkie and Wrecked, MatteTrance Lipsticks in Elson and Guinevere, and Obsessive Opulence MatteTrance Lipstick in Omi.
  • Typewriter
This has been a constant staple in all the wish lists I made since I started making them here on my blog. Will 2019 finally be the year I get one? We wait with bated breath.
  • Oven
I want to learn how to bake, or at least ask my sister to bake for me, so this will come handy.
  • Silhouette Cameo
I am getting this for myself next year but I am listing it here also so it can be crossed off my list, that I realize is tantamount to adding a task that's already finished to a to do list, heh.

Let it be noted that I also will not be against getting Fully Booked gift cards.

That's it for my Christmas 2019 wish list. It's a nice feeling that I had a challenging time composing one, mostly because I already have most of what I need and want. If there's anything else I pray for, it's good health for me and my loved ones, clarity, and peace of mind.

I wish you a happy December.

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