Happy Skin x Disney : Second Chapter featuring Jasmine and Belle

22 June 2019

Dear Happy Skin, teach me how to quit you.

I tried to avoid buying new makeup because my stash is overflowing already as it is, but with Happy Skin releasing a second, more modern version of their Disney collection, well how could I resist?

I simply could not, my friends, and here we are.

My only gripe from Happy Skin's first collaboration with Disney is that Jasmine was not included in the lineup, so them including Jasmine now is one of the biggest factors why I had to have these. That and the packaging. I adored the Princesses' role in the Wreck It Ralph 2 movie and I love that Happy Skin veered towards that direction when they were conceptualizing this collection.

Of all the Disney Princesses both old and new, Jasmine and Belle are my favorites. Not only because I want Jasmine's tiger and Belle's library, but also because I admire their inner strength, fortitude, and will to defy the "rules" the society set and followed their hearts. Very fittingly, theirs are also the shades I liked most from this collection.

I got the Jasmine and Belle set of the Happy Skin x Disney Moisturizing Matte Lip Click Duo, Happy Skin x Disney Multi-Use Mousse Glow in BFF, and Happy Skin x Disney Cooling Lip Gloss in A Whole New World.

The Disney | Happy Skin Moisturizing Matte Lip Click is a new innovation that always releases a fresh lip product with every use—you only get what you need in every click! This delivers a highly pigmented pout with a matte, long-lasting finish. Non-drying on the lips, this lightweight but creamy formula glides on effortlessly, too!

Handswatch of Jasmine and Belle
The Moisturizing Matte Lip Clicks come in a variation of MLBB shades. Jasmine is a nude mauve while Belle is a warm coral.

Happy Skin x Disney Moisturizing Matte Lip Click in Jasmine on my lips
I have this habit of clicking on my Hi-Tec-C Coleto pens so clicking on the lipstick is fun. As expected from any Happy Skin product, the color payoff is so good, the formula is moisturizing and non-drying, and the shades are so pretty! You have to be careful when clicking though because I don't think you can put the lipstick back in the tube once it's out.

Embrace the real you. Get ready to shine with the Disney | Happy Skin Cooling Lip Gloss! This non-sticky, glitter-free lip gloss leaves a natural, high-shine color with an even coverage and clean finish. It goes on smoothly without bleeding and its gentle texture goes on comfortably without leaving a sticky feeling. It also features a special natural mint extract that cools & refreshes the lips!

Handswatch of Happy Skin x Disney Cooling Lip Gloss in A Whole New World
Happy Skin x Disney Cooling Lip Gloss in A Whole New World on my lips
In the 10+ years that I have been blogging, my blog's heading has always contained the phrase "peace, love, and lip gloss", but I actually prefer lipsticks. Nevertheless, I loved the Happy Skin x Disney Cooling Lip Gloss because it is pigmented, non-sticky, and non-glittery. I liked its clean and glass-like finish as it refreshes and plumps up my pout. Love at first coat!

Say hello to your new best friend with the Disney | Happy Skin Multi-Use Mousse Glow in BFF (Beast Friends Forever), which can be used for the eyes, cheeks, and body! This multi-purpose mousse makeup features a unique formula with an extra creamy and bouncy texture, generous payoff, and easy application. Lightweight but buildable, this mousse glides on and stays with a smooth powder matte finish.

Handswatch of Happy Skin x Disney Multi-Use Mousse Glow in BFF
Happy Skin x Disney Multi-Use Mousse Glow in BFF on my cheekbones
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN. It's so soft and bouncy and creamy, and the shade is perfect for adding my fresh-from-the-beach tan a lovely glow. I think I need to get backups of this because I will definiely be using it up.

And because ya girl's purchases racked up to more than Php 2,500, I got a free Inner Strength Outer Sparkle pocket mirror as GWP.

More than anything else I am just so glad that Happy Skin expanded and added on their first Disney collection. I love everything that Happy Skin has put out so far and I am so inspired by this local makeup brand's success. Congratulations and I am looking forward to more awesome collaborations and collections!

Did you get anything from this collection? I want to see your loot, too! 

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