Patches and paints at the Penshoppe Denimlab DIY Bar

30 June 2016

July? Tomorrow? Already??

Let that sink in for a bit, will ya.

Anyway. I rose myself from my unintentional blogging hiatus because this news is too exciting not to share. And I am not saying this just because I work with the brand.

Last month, global fashion brand Penshoppe unveiled supermodel and all-around cool girl Gigi Hadid as its newest endorser, joining the roster of other world-class superstars Mario Maurer, Sandara Park, Sean O'Pry, Kendall Jenner, and Lucky Blue Smith. At the event, we got the chance to customize our Denimlab pieces with patches. Here's a photo of myself showing off modelling my Penshoppe white denim jacket from their Spring/ Summer 2016 collection.

It was such a HIT that Penshoppe decided to do it again, but on a much larger scale.

Come to Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall this weekend and have your Denimlab pieces customized with patches and paints!

Sugar, spice, and vitamins

22 June 2016

I turned 30 recently and one of my turning points is learning not to compromise my health. I got a big scare early this year when I had a heart problem, and that made me realize that I can sacrifice a lot of things if it would mean I would live a longer life and be able to see more movies, read more books, and spend more time with my loved ones.

I don't get to exercise as much as I wanted to but I do get to walk a lot. Clocking in more hours for bedtime is a bit difficult for me but I make up to it by trying to eat more healthily, with try being an operative word. Why is skipping dessert so hard whyyy. To make sure I get nutrients even when I failon my attempts on a healthy diet, I take vitamins and health supplements.

One brand I discovered recently is Puritan's Pride which is said to be one of the leading health supplements and vitamins brand in the USA, now available here in the Philippines via their website. They contacted me and let me try some of their products, and now I'd like to share them with you.

For only P2,500+, I was able to get all these:

By offering the best price, up to 35% lower than other brands, Puritan’s Pride Philippines helps you become healthy on a budget. You are also assured of high quality as they only use ingredients from suppliers that meet their stringent Quality Assurance Standards and GMP food quality standards.

... And then suddenly, a squeak!

19 June 2016

Hello, friends! I'm still alive! ( ´ ▽ ` )οΎ‰

I haven't been able to update this blog as much as I would like because adulting is so hard because when you reach a certain age, you get assigned so many responsibilities and sometimes, well, most of the time, something's got to give.

Nevertheless, I'd like to tell you that I am very, very happy.

Review: Maybelline Rosy Matte by Color Sensational

03 June 2016

It's time for nudes to steal the show. Maybelline unveils its newest lip collection, Rosy Matte by Color Sensational, and I'm sharing my review and swatches with you!

Runways and red carpets are rife with these mattes and nudes, and it's awesome that Maybelline made it easier (and more affordable!) for us to hop on this trend train. Think MLBBs, soft pinks, peaches, and beiges, and you've got the makings of the Rosy Matte mood board. ♥

Sweet dreams are made of this. I mean, sure, I love bright colors on my lips, but I wouldn't say no to "tamer" shades, especially when I'm feeling dainty or girlier than usual. SPOILER ALERT: I loved all of them because they are all flattering, pretty, and practical to wear.