Of comets, parallel universes, and undeniable chemistry

19 February 2015

Being the master of procrastination that I am, I watched a movie instead of churning out more pages for my story. I feel guilty, but assuage myself by saying it's all for the sake of research. Sometimes I feel like I'm just putting it [writing] all off because at the back of my mind I really don't believe that I can do this, but it's times like this that I take out my pen and notebook and write the doubts away.

When my characters don't want to talk to me, I relax and get to know other characters instead. And oh boy, I felt like the two characters of Comet came to my room and whisked me away to a field of feels.

Steph and Dell's story is told over the course of a 90-minute film that, like a painting, doesn't really have a beginning, middle, or ending. Starting in medias res, it constantly jumps back and forth their relationship's high and low points.

Unconventional yet realistic and sweet yet bitingly bitter, Comet almost had everything I want in a movie about love set in the modern world  like conversations that stretch on about topics that I myself have wanted to ask people, trains, serendipitous meet-cutes, and the idea of parallel universes. Also, the dialogue and chemistry between Justin Long and Emmy Rossum. Oh god the dialogue. Some people may say movies like this are full of pretentious drivel, but only because it has an experimental film feel to it. It's easy to overdo these things, but yeah, I can listen to Justin and Emmy talk all day. Not as much as I loved listening to Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy of the Before trilogy talk, but you get the picture. It has a meta quality to it that I liked, with undertones of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, {500} Days of Summer, and Celeste & Jesse Forever. Heartbreakingly beautiful, this one.

Huh, for someone who "can't form a valid opinion" because she's "feeling all the feels," I actually said a lot. Oh well, time to go back to my characters Tanya and Nate.

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