Krissy and JJ: DIY Wedding Ring Class with Studio 925

19 January 2024

My New Year's Resolution is to be update my blog more constantly. Here's hoping I can follow through. 

For our 103rd month together as a couple and five months before we get married, J and I took a DIY Wedding Ring Class offered by Studio 925 and created each other's wedding rings. 

Ever since we got engaged we already know we want our wedding to reflect our personalities as much as possible. We’ve always been a couple who loves tinkering with things and making stuff with our hands, and what could be more personal than making our own wedding rings?

We both took days off from work and trooped to Studio 925 located in Jupiter Street in Makati. It was easy to find, but parking is quite a pain, so I suggest you go there early if you're bringing a car.

We started with a strip of silver alloy Our teacher, Teacher Kris, was super patient and accommodating. She explained all the steps and made her own ring alongside us so we could follow her example. I opted for a chevron ring and I appreciate that even though she has never made one before, she accepted the challenge and did not say no.

Another thing that made the experience extra kilig for us is making each other's rings and not making our own, which actually makes a lot of sense now that I think about it. Aside from the class being a great bonding experience for the couple, it's also a wonderful display of service, making sure that the ring you are making for your amore is flawless.

Ring size needs to be precise.

I didn't think it was possible, but seeing how happy J looked while making my ring made me fall in love with him a little bit more.

I now have a deeper appreciation for jewelry-makers, as it was not easy. I think my least favorite part is the sanding as I found it extra challenging and the grating sound almost gave me a migraine, but OMG the output made it all worth it.

My favorite part would probably be the hammering part to give texture to the ring. I almost didn't want to do it but J specifically asked for a textured ring so of course I had to oblige. I am happy I did because it gave the ring more character. We are thinking of having it engraved with our wedding date on the inside band but we can do it some other time. :)

They're so beautiful I can stare at them forever ♡
Knowing how hard we worked on them makes me cherish them more.

My chevron wedding ring points toward my heart, while this engagement ring (J gave me two engagement rings and this is my favorite of them, hee) makes me look like I have a mini bouquet everywhere I go.

The fee for the DIY Wedding Ring class (silver-smithing) is ₱9,600 for the two of you inclusive of usage of the studio and all equipment you will need to finish your rings, all materials, and instruction manual. They also have option for gold-smithing. What a great experience!

Thank you, Teacher Kris!

The class is four hours long but they typically extend to five hours. If you need more time, you also have the option to rent the studio for ₱200/ hour. Because our designs are a bit more complicated and it was also Teacher Kris's first time to make a chevron ring, we finished after a little more than six hours.

Huge thanks also to our diligent photographer Kookee for these great photos ♡

I'd marry J with paper rings but our hand-made wedding rings are so much better

Now let's go get married!


  1. This is such a great idea. Beautiful rings made more beautiful because of how they're made. <3
    I want to do this with my boyfriend. Thanks for this! And please do update your blog more! :)


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