4 InstaWays to Refresh Your Look

25 October 2021

Who doesn’t love a quick fix? How about a quick upgrade? Movies, especially those teen dramas from the early 2000s were all about making upgrades through changes in appearance. It mostly came down to fashion. While fashion is a fantastic way to make an upgrade on an appearance, it’s important to know that it’s not the only thing either. There isn’t exactly just some holy grail to beauty or attractiveness like you may want to think. Garments are not a magical potion and there is a lot more that needs to be put into consideration when trying to do a glow-up on yourself. These are some fantastic ways to boost your appearance without fashion. 

Start off with the hair

I guess now is a good time as any to debut my new hair.

This took my friend Des five hours because my hair is so thick and there were too many sections, but Colourette's Bleach Cloud did not fry my hair at all! I am thinking I need another bleaching session to lighten my hair further though, but after that I will color it pink or violet! I can't decide yet!

BUT note that this doesn’t mean you have to cut your hair, color it, or even attempt to change the texture. All hair is beautiful, but sometimes there needs to be some small changes to boost an appearance. As we age, hairstyles that once looked great on us can tend to fade. Meaning as our faces age some hair cuts or style will gradually become less flattering. You may want to put your age, hair texture, and the shape of your face into consideration. Subtle layers are fantastic for adding character, sometimes all it takes is a bit of teasing to make it voluminous, or even just change how your hair frames the face. This can be done with a haircut or how you choose to style your hair, such as with hair scarves.


Sometimes all it takes is a bit of posture to look incredible. Posture can help in making your back and other muscles feel better, but it can also make your clothes look better. Adjusting your posture helps in transforming how the garment is draped on you. This not only boosts your confidence, but it can even have the power of stating the type of emotion you’re evoking without having to say a word. It makes you look taller, healthier, and a bit thinner if that’s something you’re after. Having good posture is something that makes a bit of time and it includes doing some exercises to help in staying more conscious about it. 

Try out accessories

While accessories can be a part of fashion, they don’t entirely have to be. Sometimes all it takes to improve an appearance and build some confidence can be some accessories. Whether you’re wanting some piercings such as labret studs, something for your neck, or even your hair, it all has really helped in making an improved appearance.

Your skin

You’ve probably seen plenty of videos on Instagram and TikTok of people strongly encouraging you to develop a skincare routine. They’re completely right about that. Skincare routine is one of the best ways to learn about beauty products and how they can help with graceful gaining. This also includes exercising, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, using luxury skin products, as well as consuming healthy foods. It’s best to give your skin a visual boost and doing so can lead to decades of confidence thanks to having a healthy routine for your skin.  

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