How to find the best deals

29 July 2021

One of the things I miss the most from the pre-pandemic world is shopping and looking for the best deals at malls during special three-day sales. Nothing beats the rush of finding the exact thing you're looking for at half the price, then eating out after. Nowadays, I look for deals online but it just hits different.

In any case, here's a list of how to score great deals whether online or not. :)

Shop Second Hand

A lot of people own some pretty great stuff that is still in great condition, but they just don’t want it anymore. They will take their stuff and donate it to second hand stores where you can buy it at a very cheap cost. You can find not only furniture, but you can also find other antiques for decorating your home. There is also usually clothing, books, and music for sale that just about anyone can afford.  

I love Instagram thrift shops! I have my go-to shops already but I am always hit by a lot of ads of other cool stores. Here are some I got recently:

I unlocked precious childhood memories of hours spent reading The Wizard of Oz series, and so now I have made it my mission to look for copies of the the books by L Frank Baum and Ruth Plumly Thompson. I would appreciate any leads if you have more, but so far these are the ones I was able to get already.

Buy or Lease a Pre-Owned Vehicle

Many people buy cars that they barely drive and then they sell them because of the lack of use. Once a new car is purchased its worth drops and it becomes a more affordable model. Shop at dealerships that offer pre-owned vehicles. You can find some of the more luxurious cars on the market for a fraction of what they would normally cost. You can lease these vehicles for less money, or if your budget allows, you can finance these models and have the car of your dreams.

Buy Clothing at Outlets

Outlet shopping can save you tons of money. A lot of times, high end brands need to get rid of their clothing in order to make room for the newest styles, and they are willing to part with their older styles at a low price. It is also possible to shop outlets online at places like the Iconic NZ. Other brands may give you access to their outlet deals via the Internet so that you can shop all around the world without having to leave the comfort of your home. These styles can be sent right to you, and you will be dressed in the latest fashion without the hefty price tag.

Join Groupon

Groupon is an international phenomenon that allows you to get discounted services sent right to your email. Some of these discounts cover beauty and wellness and allow you to treat yourself to such services as massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, and meals at some of your favorite restaurants. This is a great way to experience the best of life at a small cost. The more you use Groupon the more you are going to be able to learn how to navigate the discount world and you will find some of the best deals around. 

Sign Up for Discounted Travel

There are several discount travel sites out there that will alert you to cheap fares to some of the places you have been dying to see. You can sign up, choose which destinations you want to be alerted about, choose the dates, and then as soon as a discount comes up, you can be alerted and you can book right away. This is a great way to get to travel and see the world without spending a lot of money. You can set deals for hotels as well that are within your budget and then you can start packing and seeing all the places you have been dreaming of seeing. The tickets may have tight restrictions, but if you can work them, then you won’t have any problems getting around.

Look for Homes in Foreclosure

My Aunt actually got her house and lot for very cheap through this method. If you’re in the market to buy a home, then looking for homes that the bank wants to get rid of may be in your favor. A lot of times, banks will lower the prices of homes in order to get them off the market and get someone in the home to pay the mortgage. Some homes may be priced at thousands of dollars less than what the normal asking price would be making it more affordable to buy. Talking to real estate agents about which houses are in desperate need of being sold is a great way to find these hidden gems as a lot of them are not known to the public. The sooner you can get in and see if this house is the house of your dreams means that you can make an offer sooner before anyone else knows that the house is available. 

Happy shopping!

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