Review: Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxers

09 August 2018

Koreans really don't dick around when it comes to skin care. I've been very emotional and stressed lately but my skin has NEVER looked this great. I recently overhauled my skin care routine with the new goodies I got from Althea Korea so I believe all credit goes to them.

I am going to write about my new (and simplified!) skin care routine on my next post but right now I would like to feature Althea Korea's collaboration with Korea's number 1 beauty TV show, Get It Beauty: the new Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxers in Rose and Green Tea that I got as a welcome gift for being an Althea Angel.

Created to suit the hectic schedules of modern urbanites, these products harness the goodness of nature and translate that into freshness and vitality for the skin. Made with premium ingredients sourced from various parts of the world, these 10-second masks are filled with energy and freshness from nature to ensure your skin stays healthy and clean every day.
You read that right, 10-second masks! No more waiting too long and falling asleep with your sheet masks on! I mean, I would like to bask in the goodness of a sheet mask every day but who has the time?

Why come up with this product, you ask? Well, without a proper cleanse, the skin isn’t able to fully absorb nourishment, no matter the ingredient in your skincare. Althea Korea worked hand in hand with the experts from Get It Beauty because they wanted to showcase real, fresh ingredients and incorporate them into a system that allowed a deep, clarifying cleanse while boosting the skin with nutrients and goodness. The Real Fresh Skin Detoxers draw out sebum, dirt, and residue from the pores while dispensing an array of nutrients to the skin, leaving it fresh, supple, and smooth.

You can get one without the other but Althea recommends getting both and using Rose (Refining) in the morning and Green Tea (Purifying) in the evening. 


In the morning after you woke up, this product helps to protect and balance the pH levels of the skin, evening out the skin’s texture for perfect makeup application. It contains 100% May Rose Petals, which is hand-picked once a year during May from Grasse, Southern France. It deeply hydrates the skin and minimizes pores while soothing redness.


The main ingredient of this mask are young Green Tea Leaves from pristine Jeju island plantations. Jeju green tea powder relieves the stressed skin real fast by controlling the sebum and freeing the skin from dust and dirt.

Let me show you how I use it! I used my favorite, Rose. Both of them smell great but I'm specifically hooked on Rose!

With clean hands, apply a generous layer on your face.

Leave on for 10 seconds.

After 10 seconds, add a little water and massage in circular motions.

Rinse thoroughly.

Admire your reflection.

Pat, pat, pat, gently until dry.

Admire yourself some more, pleased with your revitalized and brighter skin.


Now you can continue with the rest of your morning routine.

I follow the same routine at night with my Green Tea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer, except I only use it every other day.

Whether you've just recently discovered K-Beauty products and are feeling a little overwhelmed with all the choices in Althea Korea or whether you're a seasoned K-Beauty pro, I think you will like the new Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxers like I did!

And because Althea is feeling generous, you can get both in a bundle for a discounted price by clicking here! If you order now, there's a huge chance you'll get it by next week. Try it and let me know what you think! 

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