Celebrate V-Day through these special foodpanda date ideas and deals

13 February 2022

Don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day yet? I am currently with family and will not see J until Tuesday, but this list is peppered with ideas (and voucher codes!). Global online delivery marketplace foodpanda has you covered with these date ideas. Plus, the food delivery service also has deals everyone can enjoy this February, whether you’re single, taken, or looking. 

Prepare a home-cooked meal for your special someone
Nothing says I love you better than a home-cooked meal. After all, as the famous saying goes, the way into someone’s heart is through their tummy. Skip the hassle of dealing with traffic and order your groceries for a full-course dinner through pandamart.

pandamart Valentine’s Vouchers (Feb 1 to 28)
● MAHALMO: ₱80 off, ₱499 MOV
● MAHALKA: ₱143 off, ₱1099 MOV

Surprise them with sweets
Chocolates are synonymous with Valentine’s Day. And if your S.O. has a sweet tooth, it only means one thing — get them chocolates, whether it’s in a bar or cookie form with a cup of joe on the side.

pick-up Voucher (Feb 10-14)
● PICKUPLINE: ₱99 off, ₱499 MOV

Buy 2 for less (Feb 1-14)
● Urbanica
Brown Sugar Milk Coffee + 2 Double Chocolate Chip Cookie
Brown Sugar Milk Coffee + Chocolate Chip Cookie

Send them flowers
No, flowers will never get old — especially during Valentine’s Day. Show your love and appreciation through blooms.

pandamart Valentine’s Vouchers (Feb 1 to 28)
● ANGMAHAL: ₱214 off, ₱1299 MOV

Wine and dine them
Got little time on your hands? Skip the prep and cooking phase and order your favorite wine paired with chicken or fish and chips – can never go wrong with a classic

food delivery Vouchers (Feb 10-14)
● SINGLE: ₱100 off, ₱499 MOV 
● TAKEN: ₱150 off, ₱599 MOV
● LOOKING: ₱50 off, ₱199 MOV

Buy 2 for less (Feb 1-14)
● Hooked & Cooked Classic Fish and Chips Duo
● Noah’s Chicken Inasal Earth Bowl Duo

Get them greeting cards for Galentine’s
Share the love with your single friends and turn Valentine’s into Galentine’s. Go the traditional route and get them greeting cards! You can definitely make your own or you can also order and have them delivered. 

shops Valentine’s Vouchers (Feb 1 to 28)
● LOVESME: 10% off, ₱499 MOV, ₱100 max discount
● LOVESMENOT: 14% off, ₱999 MOV, ₱200 max discount

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