Casual-chic geek in the pink.

31 October 2011

Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me. Because I got home a bit late last Saturday after watching Ipanema's and Penshoppe's shows for PFW S/S 2012, I decided to just go straight to my apartment.since I also have "appointments" the next day. I was invited by Accessorize's bloggers' event held at Persia Grill in SM North EDSA. Good thing it was a 4-6PM event because Ana and I needed to run to SMART Araneta Coliseum after for Jason Mraz's concert.

I chose to wear something light and casual because I wanted to be comfortable at the concert, but at the same time I didn't want to look sloppy and lazy for the bloggers' event. Wearing heels was out of the question, but I didn't want to settle with boring and plain flats.

Here's what I came up with:

Top - Penshoppe | Shorts - Jellybean | Ballerina flats - YLLA shoes
Since it was a girly, intimate event, I thought nothing quite screams girly like light pink can. I actually bought the top just a day before, and the Jellybean shorts on the day itself; having nothing else to do in my apartment, I went to SM North EDSA at 12 noon for lunch and then amused myself by going around the mall during my free time before the event began. I saw this pair of shorts and its cute buttons, swooned, and then it's mine :)

Wired headband - Anagon Collection | Safety pin bangle - Maria Paulita | Pink and red  bangle - 168 Mall
Margot Tweed Bow Scoop Bag - borrowed from Accessorize
Photo from Kira
I love how the bag I got from the pile of Accessorize bags matched my outfit effortlessly :) Oh, by the way, Accessorize is holding a nationwide 50% off sale on ALL their bags, including new arrivals! Promo runs from October 31 to November 30, 2011 so make sure you check out their exquisite bag designs!

Photos from Ana
I will blog more about the event we went to (and of course you've already read about how I felt about Jason Mraz's concert ♥), I'm just waiting for the photos :)

October's almost over. Wishing you guys a happy and productive November!

Sweet serenity: Jason Mraz Live in Manila 2011

The past week has been crazy and seemed to suck all energy out of me, and even though I attended only two shows of the Philippine Fashion Week it still left me feeling exhausted.

Sweet repose came from watching Jason Mraz's concert at the SMART Araneta Coliseum last night ♥

We were seated at the uppermost part of the stadium but we didn't really mind because we can see him and Toca Rivera on the video-walls anyway. The important thing was we were still able to hear him :) Besides, we had plenty of room for dancing and swaying along to the music since there were no people behind us to consider anymore :)

The place was PACKED with people eager to hear Mr. A-Z belt out crowd favorites and new singles. To be honest, I haven't memorized some of his songs, but I REALLY enjoyed the concert. SMART Araneta Coliseum is huge but somehow he managed to make it feel like an intimate gig. He was funny, charming, adorable. All the magic he can do with his mouth... It was like watching a one-man show of grown-up Sesame Street! And I loved his songs! I love words and wordplay and I believe the song lyrics he has written are by far some of the best I've listened to or read.

It was great to see him and Toca own the stage. The way he interacted with the audience, his banter, the various funny sounds he made, the way he assured all of us and kept telling us "You are loved.". Pure magic. He had this happy hippie vibe that was very contagious that we couldn't help but swoon and be charmed. I'm telling you, all the problems of all the people who were there last night flew out the windows from the first time he began plucking his guitar strings until the time he has said his last goodbyes. It was very uplifting and calming and serene and we all had a great time.

A Beautiful Mess is one of my favorite Jason Mraz songs, and listening to him singing that beautiful, beautiful song with that kind of heartfelt and soulful rendition gave me such a rush and made me emotional that I couldn't stop the tears from falling. It was overwhelming, haunting, amazing. I've forgotten what it feels like to be in love, but through his melodies and words, Jason Mraz reminded me again.

I watched with my friends.
From left to right: Jonas, me, Ana, Mich, Paul
Too bad Ed wasn't able to go anymore.
After the concert, some of us went to McDonald's for midnight snack. And these photos are unnecessary but I'm posting them anyway because I look cute :D

Geek in the Pink Jonas and Dax
Mich and me
Aaaand that's it ;D

Thank you for sharing your amazing gift of song with us. Please continue making beautiful music. And please, please come back to Manila  real soon. ♥

From Jason Mraz himself, "Here's to freedom, cheers to art. Here's to having an excellent adventure and may the stopping never start."


24 October 2011

"Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss;
but every once in a while, you find someone who's iridescent.
And once you do, nothing will ever compare."
- Chet, Bryce's grandfather

I just finished watching Flipped and even though I really need to prepare to leave and go back to my apartment right this moment I couldn't resist but do a quick post about it.

The movie is about the love-hate relationship between cutie Bryce and spunky Juli that started when they were still kids. At first Bryce hated the attention Juli gives him and how desperate she was to be noticed by him, but after a series of events that involve a wish for a first kiss, a sycamore tree, chickens, a yard-makeover, a sit-down dinner, and a fund-raiser by their school things kinda flipped. Suddenly, Bryce couldn't stop thinking about Juli. There was only one problem: Juli stopped wanting to talk to him.

Both Madeline Carroll and Callan McAuliffe did a great job in portraying the characters they played, but what I specifically liked about this film is the he said-she said style of the narration. It was nice to see both sides of the story, and it offered new insights at what's going on in both characters' minds. I also loved the quaint and vintage feel of the movie, reminding me of my own childhood sweetheart ♥ Even though it didn't really work out for us in the end (and I don't think a mutual love for staying out late playing hide-and-seek qualifies as a solid basis for a mature relationship), I know we will always have all those memories of late summer afternoons spent together to look back to.

I won't tell you the specifics of the movie anymore because I want you to see it yourself. All I can say is, it's the equivalent of a glass of ice-cold lemonade and honey on a hot and humid summer afternoon. So refreshing and light and nice, this movie is.

A conversation between Juli and her dad:
Juli Baker: I guess it's something about his eyes or maybe his smile. 
Richard Baker: And what about him?
Juli Baker: What?
Richard Baker: You have to look at the whole landscape.
Juli Baker: What does that mean?
Richard Baker: A painting is more than the sum of its parts. A cow by itself is just a cow. A meadow by itself is just grass, flowers. And the sun picking through the trees, is just a beam of light. But you put them all together and it can be magic. 

Thank you Eizel for the recommendation! La-la-love this movie ♥ I wish I can find a copy of the book, too. If any of you guys see one please tell me so I can go and buy it! ♥

Yabang Pinoy presents Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011

It's almost Christmas, and we all know what that means ;) It's the time to spread joy and love through Christmas gifts, and what better way to do that than by displaying Filipino talent and upholding Filipino pride at the same time?

I am inviting everyone to visit the Global Pinoy Bazaar on November 5-6 at the Rockwell Tent! 

Presented by Yabang Pinoy — the pioneering Filipino Pride movement known for fun, creative, and contemporary Filipino pride projects and events — this bazaar will showcase local products made with 100% Filipino Love and Pride. It will be zoned into Fashion, Pinoy Art and Design,Music, Tropical, and Home and Travel, and lots of invited exhibitors will sell ladies’, men’s &; children’s apparel, accessories, jewelries, bags & shoes, home decor, beachwear, home and wellness products, as well as Pinoy art and design. My friend Ana will also have a booth for Anagon Collection so make sure to visit her and check out her stuff!

Mark your calendar now for the best Filipino Christmas shopping experience! For more information, please visit Yabang Pinoy's website. You can also email them at or call them at mobile number 0927-826-3926.

I'm giving away 20 tickets to this bazaar! All you have to do is leave a comment below and say you want a ticket and if you're one of the first 20 to do so, then you get one for free ;)

Feeling luxe with F&H and Kotex

A mini-rant. I don't know what's up with my email inbox lately, but even important emails go straight to spam, causing me to miss out on a couple of event invites. Like this one, I only got to see Miss Nicole's email on the day of the launch itself, when I have already made plans with my Seventeen Sigaw girls. End of mini-rant.

Good thing Miss Nicole is kind enough to still send me a press kit so I can share it with you guys :)

Today, as consumers get smarter, there is a clamor for more and more products that offer the promise of individualistic style coupled with pure functionality. Do you know that this has extended to feminine care? Kotex Luxe Designs is an innovation from Kotex that combines unparalleled product performance in leakage protection and comfort with colorful design themes that give a woman the freedom to express her particular style and personality.

This season, Kotex Luxe Designs further defines its status as every fashionista’s newest must-have by teaming up with a trendy retail giant to present a stylish limited edition holiday collection designed by an internationally recognized fashion designer. Last Thursday night, Manila's trendsetters flocked to OPUS to witness the unveiling of Folded&Hung's Luxe Collection by Kotex Luxe Designs featuring Eric de los Santos. I admit I have been lazy in going to events lately, but watching fashion shows always gives me a different kind of high.Visit my blog sister Ana's post about the event here!

This partnership marks a milestone in the 85-year history of Kotex, a feminine care brand known throughout the world for its superior performance and innovative technology. The Kotex Luxe Designs marks the beginning of a new era in feminine care, where pads are no longer just a form of protection but of self-expression as well!

Are you:

A Girl Next Door?
Or Indie Chic?
They're all so pretty, yes? That time of the month is not a walk in the park, but I personally think using these pads make it a bit more fun for us girls ;) The line’s stylishness extends to its outer packaging, as it comes in a reusable drawstring polybag that carries individually-colored pouch wraps in purple and orange, matching the design theme of the pads. Which design is your favorite? Mine is the first pad in the Indie Chic box :)

Now here is a sweeeet promo for all of us! From October 21 to December 31,2011, we can avail of a 10% discount on any of the items purchased from the Luxe Collection by Kotex Luxe. How? Simply surrender two empty packs of specially marked Kotex Luxe Designs to any of the participating F&H branches. Only packs with the promo sticker attached will be accepted so make sure you keep them! ;)

Here's a sample. You need two packs of this so better schedule a bit of toiletries-shopping soon ;)
I hope I can score some photos from the lookbook so I can update this. I'll keep you guys posted!

Have a happy, fabulous week ahead! It's going to be a long, busy week for me so wish me luck! ♥

Seventeen Memories

23 October 2011

It can start with a smile. Or a nod. Or agreeing that the Spice Girls is the greatest girl band of our time. Or that the Mean Girls movie is the best girl bonding-movie. Or liking the same shoes. Or a tweet. Or a comment in a blog-post. The thing is, you can meet friends anywhere.

It's only a matter of nurturing that friendship and making sure it lasts, of course.

As for me and my Seventeen Sigaw girls, it all started with an online message board. And, more than seven years on, our friendship is still going strong ♥

Sigaw means "shout" in Filipino
I've already told this story before but for the sake of new readers, let me tell it again. Back when I was still in college and the only social networking sites were Myspace and Friendster, I was an avid collector of teen magazines. I used to collect Candy magazines but it got to the point when I felt too old for Candy, yet too young for Cosmopolitan. That's where Seventeen Philippines came in. I loved the articles they featured, the fashion editorials, and how the magazine seemed to speak to me directly. Just like and other online magazine counterparts, it had a website with sections like Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Real Life Reads. In a special tab in the site was Seventeen Sigaw. I clicked on it, registered, and my online life has never been the same since.

I was purple_skye there, and I spent hours clocking in a total of 5,447 messages and gaining a Senior status (members are classed as Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Dean's Lister depending on the number of posts) until the site was unfortunately closed down by Summit Media when they stopped the local franchise. It was sad that we never did find out what comes after Dean's Lister.

But I guess it's okay, because sad as it may be that we no longer have that board, the friends I met through the site still continued gabbing away via Multiply, Facebook and Twitter :)

I've already met some of them in person during the Candy Fair '08 and spontaneous meet-ups and random pow-wows, but the grand get-together we've been planning for years hasn't happened.

Until Thursday night, that is.

Tired of foregoing plans, we sat down, started a Facebook message thread, and organized a date for last Thursday night at Starbucks in TriNoma.

Unfortunately it is impossible for us to really be complete as some of us are either based abroad or in the province. There's also work of course, which understandably made it quite difficult for some to go.

In the end five of us managed to meet up. And it was great. It was fun. In the words of Penny Hartz, it was ah-ma-zing!

Meet my Sigaw sisters!
From left to right: Yannie, Joyce, Luci, and Camille

We stayed at the cafe for only about two hours, but it was more than enough. No pretensions; our online personas were also our real-life selves, so it felt like talking to people I've known personally for years! We reminisced about our Sigaw days and college years and talked about a lot of stuff, and it's amazing how we all know a lot about each one of us, that it was like we were just catching up after not seeing one another for so long ♥

Marianne Joyce :D
It was so cute and funny how the baristas kept on confusing them for each other, and now I get it after seeing this.
Look at their color combination! And look, they can easily pass as real-life sisters!
You know you've grown up when you see people you've been friends with for more than seven years and you talk about babies instead of boys ;) While kilig moments and studies filled our minds before, we actually have a different set of priorities now. Joyce showed us photos and videos of her baby Nat and she's just so adorable and pretty and charming. Oh my, we've all grown up!

And it's amazing how our friendship also grew with us.
I love you girls, and I'm thankful that our usernames and IP addresses came across one another in this world-wide interwebs ♥ I can't wait to meet our other sisters, and I'm so excited for our Christmas party!

Print and Imprint with Canon PIXMA Printers

22 October 2011

It would be nice if I could dedicate one wall in my apartment for prints and framed pictures, and since I love taking and posing for photos it shouldn't be too difficult to do, right? I couldn't even tell you how many Tumblr posts, weheartit photos, and Pinterest pins I have collected, not to mention the beautiful photos of myself taken by super talented photographers, in the hopes that someday the best among them would adorn a special spot in my future house.

There is only one major problem though: printing costs. Having all those collected photos printed can be quite expensive in the long run. Don't get me wrong, I'm good with shelling out cash so long as I am assured of the quality of what I'm spending my money on. Sad to say, I've been burned quite a few times with printing jobs that might have been affordable but whose outputs faded after a few months only that it was just like throwing money away.

Good thing Canon PIXMA is here, aiming to delight us always ;) Equipped with cool environment-friendly features and Cloud-ready printing, Canon prints also last for 300 year! With Canon PIXMA, you don't just print; you imprint. If you don't think that's awesome then I don't know what else is.

Last Tuesday I made my inner photo-geek happy by going to the Canon PIXMA Exclusive Product Launch held at the Cyberzone Events Area of SM North EDSA - Annex. It was a fun event filled with a sumptuous buffet, good music by the live band, fun games and raffle draws, and lots of beautiful prints!

We were given the chance to see the new printers up close, and even have our photos printed, for free!
Canon Philippines President and CEO Alan Chng thanking the public for the continued patronage for Canon printers
After a short talk by Miss Jill Santiago (Marketing Manager for Consumer Systems Products) wherein she discussed Canon PIXMA's standing in the market as well as the various accolades their products received last week, the newest brand ambassadors were presented together with the "Best Photo They Have Ever Printed".

Mr. Per-Andre Hoffman
Mr. Jonathan Avila
Mr. Jun Miranda
My seatmates Kaye and Nicole
Now let's check out those printers! (Trivia: Do you know PIXMA is a portmanteau of the words PI from PIXEL = the highest image quality and MA from Maximum and Power = the greatest speed? PIXMA represents the synthesis of high quality and high printing speed!)

Value-conscious consumers who seek the convenience of an integrated AIO solution will find the perfect fit for their needs in the PIXMA MP287. Compact and stylish, this AIO printer offers excellent performance and value. The MP287 makes an excellent personal printer/scanner for the home: it is compact and stylish, ready to operate mere seconds from start-up, with a hassle-free self-opening paper output tray when printing and copying.


The PIXMA E500 is designed with easy operation in mind, and Canon's new Ink Efficient features allow it to print an impressive 1,200 pages per set of ink cartridges, reducing the amount of times a user has to replace the cartridge while also reducing operational costs. Other functions like FastFront and Auto Photo Fix II support this design concept of user-friendly operation.

PIXMA iP4970
The PIXMA iP4970 is an affordable dedicated photo printer, using FINE, Hybrid and ChromaLife100+ technologies to print colorful and long-lasting photographs. The packaged software suite grants users access to programs like Full HD Movie Print and Easy PhotoPrint EX to streamline the creative work flow, making it easier than ever to tinker with photographs and print visually unique images. It also has fun filter printing effects including Fish-eye, Miniature, Toy Camera, and Soft Focus. 

The MG5370 is a mid-range All-In-One photo printer, with Wi-Fi built-in. This not only allows it to connect wirelessly to a computer network and be shared among multiple computers, but it can also conveniently print photos directly from iPhones, iPads and Android devices. It guarantees excellent photo prints with its five individual ink tanks. Along with this, it also has direct photo print functions like direct card printing and Pictbridge..


The sophisticated features of the new printers are made more accessible with the Intelligent Touch System. Available on the MG8270, it makes use of a LCD panel and a special touch-sensitive area to navigate through the various functions. What makes it more intelligent and appealing is the fact that only the relevant touch keys are lit at each menu, so that users are never overloaded with unnecessary options. The PIXMA MG8270 is the ideal photo all in one as it has six individual ink cartridges with gray ink for excellent and detailed monochrome prints. It also comes with film scanning capabilities for the traditionalists who still prefer to use film or those who would like to digitize their film.
The PIXMA iP4970 is my favorite because of the filter printing effects and full HD movie print function. It would be great fun to do Flipbooks with this printer!

I almost won a printer that day from the Trivia Game I joined with Kaye and Nicole, but unfortunately the other team beat us by a single point to which I know the answer of but failed to sound the buzzer in time. I didn't win a printer, but it's okay because I took home TWO brand new ODM watches :)

I won the black one at the game, and the white one during the raffle :)
Meant to be worn as necklaces, the display shows nothing but a black screen
until you tilt it a bit to show the time and date.
Thank you Canon PIXMA for the generous prizes!

And because Canon PIXMA is feeling extra-generous, they started a promo last October 15 wherein every purchase of a Canon PIXMA printer plus a corresponding ink OR four Canon Genuine inks OR a Canon PIXMA E500 entitles the buyer a free Rudy Project Sprint set worth PhP4,300. The promo ends on December 31 so make sure you include these printers on your Christmas wish lists! Visit Canon PIXMA's official Facebook page for more details!

Special thanks to Thei Palijo of Nuffnang Philippines for inviting me.

Of houses and decorating.

19 October 2011

I've been living independently for three years now, could you believe that? Even I myself find it hard to believe, but yeah, here is a post I wrote back in 2008 to prove it :) The past three years of living on my own (the first two were spent with housemates though) are filled with lots of staying out late, Internet-induced sleepless nights, quite a few house parties, a number of financial strains, several new closets and clothes to fill them with, and of course, lessons on life. Though it gets hard sometimes because I only get to see my family on weekends, I cannot deny that I have grown up a lot.

Now let me tell you that the most important thing in declaring independence is the house where you will live in. Safety and security of the place should be your priority when choosing a place. As for me I live close to the office so I save a lot on transportation costs, as compared to when I used to take a cab all the time to and from my family's house in Navotas and my office in Quezon City. I also live near SM Fairview, SM North EDSA, and TriNoma, so I don't run out of malls to visit during idle afternoons ;)

You can choose the next most important thing, but for me personally, it is how well you like the place you will live in. Whether it's a condo unit, a studio-type apartment, or even a bedspacer, comfort should not be sacrificed because it will serve as your abode for the next few months or years (or until the lease runs out). I've lived in four other different apartments ever since I moved out, and it is only now that I am in my fifth house that I am free to customize what the house looks according to my liking. (The previous houses didn't give much leeway when it comes to creativity because of conflicting tastes with housemates, contract with the landlord that prohibits us from "customizing" the unit, and space constraints.)

I want to prettify my current apartment so badly, even more so after Ana and I visited Jak 'en Poy (An Interior Design Exhibit of Sustainable Proportions) at the former SuperSale Club of SM North EDSA a couple of weeks ago.

We were invited by Raleene to check out her and her Philippine School of Interior Design batchmates' final outputs for their class, and we were blown  away!
Jak ‘en Poy centers on twenty different spaces designed in creatively planned solutions. Stone, steel, concrete, paper, glass, wood, bamboo, rubber, plastic and clay will be given a totally new meaning as it goes beyond the usual applications and break barriers to focus on totally different take on interiors. Jak ‘en Poy celebrates integral concepts in design and strengthens the bond between the academe and the interior design industry as it unfolds a new interpretation of sustainable materials, this time making it analogous to unique, ground-breaking and stylized interior designs.
We weren't allowed to take pictures so I guess you have to go there to look at the 20 different rooms ;) Or if you live far away, you can check out the photos on Raleene's blog here. The exhibit is ongoing until the end of the month so if you are able to, make sure to check it out! :)

My future house will have a chandelier as pretty as this, I promise :)
Seeing what great jobs they did inspired me to revamp my own apartment-decorating as well. Right now I'm excited to decorate Camp Krissy in time for Christmas! I will put fairy lights all over and I swear it's going to look amazing :)

I really hope I can have time to visit the exhibit again before it ends. I assure you they're all worth a second visit so I hope you guys can take a peek next time you're around the area!

Ipanema gives you the chance to spoil your sole in Rio Carnival!

18 October 2011

When I was a child, I disliked travelling and going to faraway places. It's not difficult to see why, what with all the packing and unpacking, long and boring hours on the trip to and from the destination, and just the over-all exhaustion from the trip. That was before. Now that I'm a fully-grown adult who've had the privilege of having my eyes opened to all the wonders travelling can bring, I would be a fool to say no to a chance to explore the world more. (Besides, bags and luggages have now become more chic, and we now have all kinds of gadgets at our disposal to make the long waiting time more bearable, and of course fun friends as travelmates ;))

Now, Ipanema lets us have the chance to have a big fat Brazil stamp in our passports by giving us this fun promo! Read on:

What is your ultimate travel fantasy? Dance all night with samba music, parade with real samba schools, or join thousands of travel enthusiasts in celebrating the world’s biggest carnival in Brazil? You and your friend can have the chance to experience all these with just a pair of Ipanema as your ticket to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

There’s no doubt that Brazil is more than its beautiful coastlines, lush tropical rainforests, and the giant statue of “Cristo Redentor" or Christ the Redeemer. The land that has won the hearts of many travel buffs as a popular choice for holiday getaways is actually the hometown of the world-famous Rio Carnival.

Annually held 40 days before Easter, Rio Carnival is a four-day celebration of dance, music, and culture where samba schools compete with each other and street festivals prompt both locals and tourists to dance the samba—a popular Brazilian dance with African influences.

The carnival officially opens with the crowning of the Fat King or King Momo. And when he starts to do the samba, everybody at the event dances with him to signal the beginning of the celebration. With all its spectacles and excess, Rio de Janeiro was hailed as the Carnival Capital of the World.

Make Your Travel Fantasy Happen with Ipanema

This year, as Brazil starts to prepare for Rio Carnival 2012, the fashionable Brazilian flip-flop brand Ipanema brings in the ‘Spoil Your Sole In Rio Carnival Raffle’ promo—the grand search for the lucky Filipino travel buff who will fly to Brazil with a friend to indulge in a week-long trip-of-a-lifetime and to join the huge celebration of Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

“The Spoil Your Sole In Rio Carnival Raffle promo is the Ipanema way of giving back to slipper-lovers the support that they have given to the brand. And because Ipanema is all about spoiling your soles, we are giving them the travel experience they have long been dreaming of,” said Patxi Elizalde, Managing Director of Elro Corporation.

For seven days and six nights, the lucky winner and his chosen friend will be treated like VIPs as they enjoy a series of tours to the magnificent landscapes of Sugar Loaf Mountain, Corocovado, and Petropolis. Carnival tickets will be provided for them to witness and participate in the celebration for two days. During the parade days, a roundtrip limousine service with an English-speaking tour guide will assist them. Lastly, a total of USD1,000.00 (USD500.00 per person) will be given as their pocket money.

Who Can Join? How?

If you are a Filipino citizen or a flip-flops lover who has resided in the Philippines for at least a year now, Ipanema invites you to join the ‘Spoil Your Sole in Rio Carnival Raffle’ promo. Just grab your favorite pair of Ipanema slippers from any participating store nationwide to get a printed promo code to be given upon purchase of every pair. Like the Ipanema Philippines Facebook Fan Page to see the Spoil Your Sole in Rio Application. Click ‘Submit Entries’ and complete the information needed for your raffle entry.

Get more raffle entries by buying more Ipanema pairs for more chances of winning the Rio Carnival experience. Besides, Ipanema features a wide selection of stylish yet comfortable pairs to choose from.

Ladies can grab a chic pair from Gisele Bundchen Seeds Collection that highlights its forest-inspired prints on the soles complemented by a metal spiral emblem on the straps. The Hot Sands Collection emphasizes reinvention in style with a nature-themed sole prints and complex yet sophisticated strap design. Simple yet classy, the Ipanema Anatomica Collection balances femininity, elegance, and comfort to match perfectly with both urban styles and beachwear.

On the other hand, the masculinity in the design of Ipanema Classics collection suits well to all style preferences of the urban men. The combination of colors, lines, and curves in its sole design allows men to transform their athletic style to beach casual look without the need to change their pairs of Ipanema.

So grab this travel experience you’ve always wanted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The raffle winner will be drawn on date January 3, 2012, 4pm. So be sure to get your comfortable pairs of Ipanema slippers before the promo ends on December 31, 2011.

For more updates on the promo, join Ipanema's official Facebook Page.

Sounds easy enough, right? As for me, I wouldn't mind having these pretty pairs for myself:

Ipanema Envolvente

Ipanema Ritmos

Aside from ensuring I'll stay comfortable during long walks, these pretty pairs perfectly match my personality and own style. I hope I can get one (or both!) within the promo period! ♥


17 October 2011

I don't know what's wrong with me, but I've been too lazy to do anything lately. Whereas I used to be so enthusiastic and willing to experience life and everything it offers, I find that I cannot muster the same passion as I did before.

I hope this is just a phase and it will pass soon.

Now here's a feel-good song to start the week right. Because Natasha Bedingfield always says it best.

Why am I making this hard on myself
when there's so many beautiful reasons I have to be happy?

Have a fabulous week ahead, you guys!

I helped someone have a house.

16 October 2011

I spent yesterday for a special and worthy cause by attending Miss Jenny's Birthday Build for Habitat for Humanity. Her birthday is this coming Wednesday, but instead of doing the usual route by throwing a huge party at a bar or club, she decided to "make it count" by inviting friends and family and spending half of Saturday helping build houses in one of the organization's sites. Miss Jenny has invited me to some of the best blogger's events I have attended, and it was my honor to join and make her birthday more special. I was pleased and excited to have received an invite because I love making a difference even in my own little way by attending events like this.

Thank God for my supportive boss and officemates, I was able to go even though I was supposed to have work on Saturdays. I was already in Serendra a little before 7AM and after a quick breakfast and coffee at McDonald's, I met with Miss Jenny and her friends for the shuttle service to Habitat's Pasig site.

Here are some of the houses still being built.
The materials used were described to us, as well as the total costs.
It has been raining nonstop the past week, but God blessed us with good weather yesterday.
Miss Jenny provided gloves, bottles of distilled water, sandwiches, and doughnuts for everyone. After a quick briefing and prayer by the engineers in the site, we set to work :)

I'm an eager beaver ;)

We were divided into two teams where each sifted and shoveled cement.
It looks easy but wait'll you experience how heavy it gets in the long run!
Quick break!
Tired but happy faces :)
Gerick :)
The birthday girl! :)
I was scared at first because aside from Miss Jenny, Nikki and Gerick, I didn't really know anyone else.
But they were all very friendly :)
We went back to work after the break.
This time, we retouched the silver paint on the stairs and railings.
According to David, attending the build ensured lower costs for the organization, thus helping them provide more affordable housing for the less fortunate. He said the half-day we dedicated to the cause already helped people have a house. So yes, I helped someone have a house, and that certainly feels great :)

Finished product!
Here are the sacks of cement we sifted :)
We were only there for a few hours, but it was very tiring! Much respect for the construction workers who do this for a living all day, everyday. My body is still aching and I think I'll be sore all over for the next couple of days, but it's okay. Aside from helping make a difference on other people's lives by helping out, going to this build served as an eye-opener and made me appreciate what I have even more.

Special thanks to Miss Jenny for inviting me! I'm glad I was able to go and dedicate a few hours of my time to help :) This is such a commendable and selfless way to spend your birthday, and I'm sure God will bless you even more!

"What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?"
- John Green