Plans for VDay?

First of all I would like to thank you for your well wishes in my previous post. My Mom told me that my Grandpa is feeling better now and should be out of the hospital soon. :)

A short shout-out before we go to the main point of this post, Survivor: Heroes vs Villains starts today in my side of the world! Timeslot (10PM) sucks though as I have to wake up early tomorrow. Maybe in the next weeks I'll just watch via Youtube, but now I don't want to miss the pilot episode. If you don't know, Survivor is one of my favorite TV shows ever. I am not a big fan of reality TV per se but I have always had a soft spot for Survivor and have followed each season religiously. For their 20th season offering, they have brought the most loved heroes and most hated villains from the past 19 seasons. It sucks that my favorite Ozzy was not included in the lineup, but I will still watch it. Time check: 9:22PM. 38 minutes to go! Can't wait!

On to my post :)

So, the day after tomorrow will already be (as if you didn't know already teehee) Valentine's Day! Any plans yet? I know most of us would just like to avoid the big crowds (expected since the day fell on a weekend) and most people have dismissed the day as a big money-making venture for greeting card companies, chocolatiers and flower shops but come on, you must feel (even just a wee-bit) excited for the day. After all, you don't have to be part of a relationship to enjoy it! I am not part of a relationship (I must reiterate that Dane is not my boyfriend since no one believed me in this post) but I am willing to wear my heart on my sleeves and just feel sappy and cheesy the whole month. Yes, because February is the love month! :D

Sidenote: When I was in high school, girls in our class were asked to bring chocolates while the boys brought flowers. In homeroom, halves of hearts will be distributed where the name of a part of a famous couple will be written and then you have to go find the match of your "heart". So for example, you picked Jasmine, you have to find your Aladdin. You give him your chocs, he gives you the flowers, and you become "dates" for the day. We always got a kick out of the pairs that were matched. It was so much fun! I hope finding the other half of your heart is just as easy as picking from a lot of halves. :D

Let's go back to the main post, shall we? :)

Today I wore this:

This black/ fuchsia off-shoulder corset top is one of my favorites
I am also wearing a silver bracelet with a big heart charm because Krissy is cheesy like that :D

What are your plans for Sunday? I am so glad I don't have work that day, my VL was approved! Dane and I were supposed to go to Enchanted Kingdom tomorrow but because I have to go to work, we would have arrived there by 5pm. Not a good idea if you are going to a theme park with lots and lots of rides :( So plans for that were scrapped and moved to next month. We made other plans, but what we finally agreed on is to eat at one of my favorite restaurants. We were also supposed to watch Dear John, but meh, maybe next week when the theaters aren't as packed. After eating he will take me home to my parents'. I have to be there on Sunday as it is my Papa's birthday. Sounds like a good plan. So what are yours? :)

from xkcd

Whether you'll be part of the crowds or be at home, whether you are single or part of a couple, and whether you are cheesy or hate all things sappy, I wish you all enjoy the day!


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RicAdeMus said...

That's great news about grandpa! And it's nice that Sunday is a triple holiday for your family.

But let's're going to your favorite restaurant with Dane on Valentine's Day, but you are not a couple. Well, I can see why people are confused! LOL

We're going to dinner and there will be flowers--little ones on Sunday and a big bouquet delieved to her office on Tuesday (her b-day). Once I get through next week, the only thing I have to worry about between now and Xmas is our anniversary. Hahaha!

Happy Valentine's Day, Krissy! =)

Leah said...

Great to hear that your grandpa is ok.

Dane and you? I don't believe you girl. Hahaha!

Have fun in Enchanted Kingdom and happy V day to you Krissy! (And to Dane too. ) xoxo

MKL said...

Happy for your grandpa :) Happy for you! I guess this will be your month then :) I must confess, I'm not really feeling much on Valentine's day. I will stay home, my date is few days later in Taiwan :P

the girl in stiletto said...

saturday: shopping, eat sushi, eat at my fave italian restaurant with my fave best friends.

sunday: work. :(

you've great plans planned ahead, so have fun girl!! :)

Bored and Crafty said...

Glad to hear your Lolo is doing better :)
No plans tomorrow since I get so grumpy in crowds. Haha.
But Dane is SO your boyfriend. Kidding :p

オテモヤン said...
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// krissy ♥ said...

@ Rick: Thank you :) Aww that's so sweet! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your wife, Rick! :)

@ Leah: Ahahaha :D Happy Vday Leah! Have a safe trip back! :)

@ Nino: I am so excited for you! Happy Vday! :)

@ Ejannz: Dates with friends are always fun! But work, work sucks sometimes x_x Happy Vday Ejannz, and I hope you still get to enjoy the day! :)

@ Meream: Dane also gets suuuper grumpy in crowds :D