Here Comes Puck

Want to know a secret?

I totally love Puck! Portrayed by Mark Spalling, Noah Puckerman is the bad boy-with-a-soft side hottie in one of the best shows ever - Glee! Finn was my favorite in the first couple of episodes, but Puck totally stole my heart in the succeeding ones. I mean, how could you not love him after watching and hearing him croon?

He makes my heart melt :)
He gets my female hormones humming! :D

And that mohawk? He totally rocks it!

See what I mean? See? See?? :D

So what's the point of this post aside from the fact I am going Crazy Krissy again?

The point is, Dane got the same hairstyle as Puck's today! I have been trying to convince him for the last couple of weeks to no avail, but today he finally agreed to it (with help from our manager, TL Jimmy haha). I'll let the pics do the talking. :)

on our way to Bench Fix - UP Technohub branch
that's Dane and TL Jimmy

on the chair, having second thoughts? :D

too late to back out now!

The result?

I joked that I developed a sudden crush for him, the hairstylists laughed :D

that's me in the mirror's reflection, wearing the white shirtdress

Now I feel like I need a hair makeover haha!

This was supposed to be an outfit post but TL Jimmy butted in :D
I love my white shirtdress, silver belt with multi-colored holes, and apple green wedges (which coincidentally was Dane's birthday gift for me in 2008).

He said if he didn't like it he will have his hair cut again after two days. Well, turns out he loves it! :D So, did you like it? Let me know! :D

I hope you all have a happy and fabulous week!


Manju said...

you already know what i'm gonna say you little fairy, you ;)
he looks hot with the hairstyle but
of course you didn't develop a sudden crush....coz that's been going on since a while now mwahahahaa

Kym said...

hahahaha ikaw talaga! I LOVE PUCK!!!!!!!! he's so freakin' hot. and Dane too.. you know my feelings towards that little hottie. hahaha! kunwari ka pa dyan "sudden crush"! ;P

Leah said...

I love your white romper Krissy. The silver belt is a nice touch.

the girl in stiletto said...

krissy o krissy... and now make him change the hair so that he'll like somewhat like puck??

you're in a relationship.

just kiss already, jeez. ahahaha.

the girl in stiletto said...

p.s i'm still bullfighting with andhari over mr shue. we *bark* like our men ripe & moist *cough* i mean smart-looking & mature.

p.p.s i'm hormonal!!

amynaree said...

puck is cute! sounds like you go for the bad boy type hehe

Little Miss Tiara said...

aaaahahha... oh my that looks nice on him, lol. and I especially love the last picture, lmfao, yes, the outfit post one :P with guest, haha


r u s s said...

Super uso that kind of military haircut amongst boys! D got that haircut in the US, late last year. ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

// krissy ♥ said...

@ Manju: Hmm, maybe, maybe not. I am not telling! Hahaha! :D

@ Kym: Nyahaha ganun talaga! :D

@ Leah: Thank you :)

@ Ejannz: Nyehehe, I can definitely say we are not in a relationship. But we kiss and we hug x_x Ooh I like Will, too! It's just that I like Puck more :D

@ Amynaree: I don't know, haha, he certainly had that bad-ass image going on :D

@ Tiara: Weeeeeeeeh welcome back, I missed you! :D

@ Russ: Really? Wow! :)

Miss Guimba said...

I never liked Finn and thought that he was totally wrong for the part of the leader. Puck, on the other hand, oozes of leadership. Dane looks really good with his new haircut! Don't let him change it.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Hahahaha. Like what the other ladies mentioned, you've had a crush on him since like forever. but I bet it just all the sudden grew. hehehehe. Puck is such a hottie. I need to buy myself a copy of Glee so I don't miss out on his hottness =)

Nikolett said...

Aww, you already know how I feel on this topic via Twitter so instead I will say: YOU LOOK HOT in that shirtdress, I want one now haha :) And I think you look lovely with your hair, but what would you want to do with it? Don't pull a Puck :D

Andhari said...

Bahahaha I wish guys I like would totally let themselves be makeovered to look like my favorite characters. Dane is a sport!

PS. i loveee puck!!!:)

// krissy ♥ said...

@ Marj: He really rocks the look, right? :D

@ Mel: Go watch Glee na! :D

@ Nikolett: Haha thanks Nikolettbaby! Don't worry, I will NEVER sport a mohawk! :D

@ Andhari: Puck is such a hottie!! And I am melting again :D

RicAdeMus said...

Wow, the hormones are really jumping in this post and the comments. Guys want to be good, but girls like bad boys--so you MAKE us be bad!!! LOL!

I never changed my hair or anything else for a girl, unless I wanted to be in a relationship. =)

Kero said...

me likeeey your white dress! visiting from Betz and lookin' for new friends.

Greetings from Dubai. Hope we could exchange links!

// krissy ♥ said...

@ Rick: Thanks, that's sweet :)

@ Kero: Thanks for visiting! It's always great to meet new friends! Will visit your blog now :)

MKL said...

I don't know the show, but I checked the video. He has a good voice and of course looks hot :) No wonder he's popular. But your (boy?)friend is also hot with his new hairdo. If I do that, my girl won't like it, hehe.

Bored and Crafty said...

Haha he's crazy for not considering a short mohawk before. Those are fun! Definitely a Puck look-alike ;D